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-No Software to Install
-No Programming
-NO HTML Required
-Website Templates
-WYSIWYG Editing
-Easily Add Images
-Copy and Paste Text
-Public & Private Areas
-Unlimited Member Plans
-Integrates with PayPal
-Integrates w/ Authorizenet
-Integrates w/ C.S.I.
-Integrates w/ Protx.com
-Integrates with eWay
-Private and Public Plans
-Multiple Member Plans
-Multiple Member Levels
-Split Testing
-Multiple Editor Levels
-Automatic Enrollment
-Automatic Rebills
-Content Management
-Shopping Cart
-File Download Section
-Discussion Boards
-Member Reports
-Financial Reports
-Content Reports
-Email Manager
-Auto Responder
-"Blog" Feature
-Much, Much, More
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Features and Benefits

 MemberstarTM helps you do the 4 critical parts of starting
and maintaining a membership website.

Now Let's Look at Each Step and How MemberstarTM Will Help You!

Important note: Memberstar comes in several versions: Standard and Deluxe as well as advanced Stand Alone versions. Some of the features described in the following section may not be available in all versions. Features marked with * are found on deluxe versions. Compare plans at a glance or keep reading for all the features.

Building Your Website

MemberstarTM is hosted on our own dedicated server and is web based so you don't have to find a web host or install any complicated software.

Each website comes with generous resources:

1 gig disk space
20 gig/month bandwidth

We are set up for each webmaster to put a "reasonable load on the server." Any webmaster exceeding this and taking up too many resources that slows down the server and other accounts will be offered a different plan but we do have the right to right to cancel any  account that is not in compliance.

Building your website is also very easy because MemberstarTM comes with a complete WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Website Builder and Editor so you can build a professional looking website without knowing any HTML coding in just a few hours ..instead of weeks!

You get a choice of having up to 3 different home pages which can be split tested. You’ll know which page, offer, headline, etc. brings  in the most members.*

One of the home pages is a “blank page” so you can create your own “sales letter” type of home page, not associated with any of the templates.

Our smart website/editor makes it a snap to create from scratch or edit your existing web pages in a powerful, integrated web editor directly in your browser!

Or, you can start from one of our exclusive templates and choose your own colors and styles to customize it to your needs, then just copy/paste your text or edit it directly in the browser.

Want to change the look of your already completed website? With just 2 clicks you can change templates and/or colors to give your site a new look, even after it's built!!



We even have online video tutorials to help you build your site.


There is no easier way to build a great membership website!

Site Building Features Include:

  • 4 professional designed templates
  • 5 color themes for each template
  • Edit and modify templates to your own taste
  • Easily add images, logos, or other HTML
  • Copy and paste web page text
  • Add/Edit text with our WYSIWYG editor or with HTML if you know how.
  • Public and private sections-you decide who sees what
  • Split testing of up to 3 home pages to help you convert the most traffic 
  • Unlimited discussion forums-just a few mouse clicks and forum is all set up
  • Blog set up in minutes
  • Easy shopping cart setup
  • much more

Member Enrollment and Management

The key to making your subscription/member website really profitable (and enjoyable) is to have the important administrative features handled for you automatically. If you don't, you are going to be bogged down with the administrative part of your website instead of adding content and promoting your membership site.

MemberstarTM integrates with Paypal and several leading merchant services so you have the option of how you want to take payments from your members, via PayPal your own merchant account or both!

If you don't want to use Paypal we'll even help you get set up with one of our merchant account providers so you don't have to depend on a 3rd party payment processor with cumbersome rules and high charges. Note: you will still need to apply and be accepted for the merchant account. However, there are no up front fees to apply and 95% of everyone who appplies is accepted.

MemberstarTM also includes a powerful affiliate program so people can refer people to your website and get compensated for it.

Here again MemberStarTM automates the entire process for you.

Member Features include:

  • Unlimited membership plans-you decide what to charge and for what period
  • Integration with Paypal and other leading merchant accounts 
  • Ihe ability to charge for initial access and recurring billing
  • Private and public membership plans-you decide if the plan is public or private automatic member enrollment (or add them manually)
  • Automatic member emails to members with access information
  • Automatic lost pass word retrieval
  • Automatic cancellation for subscribers who want to quit
  • Automatic notice to members if credit card is declined
  • Ability to resubscribe former members with one click
  • Ability to move/change members to new plans with one click

Backup Protection

Complete Daily Backups. Your MemberstarTM website is backed up on a daily basis by our hosting company who is consistently ranked in the top 5 of all hosting companies worldwide.

Export Customer/Member Records : You can also download all your member/customer information (including credit card numbers) with just the click of a mouse from your control panel. The CSV format makes it easy to upload into a new database.

Backup Site Content-  You can even backup your entire site MemberstarTM site content
and design anytime you want for even more peace of mind.

Comprehensive Reports

MemberstarTM provides you with comprehensive reports so you'll know what is happening with your website and subscribers at all times.

Reports (with adjustable time periods) include:

Member Reports

  • Member reports
  • Member activity
  • Members currently logged in
  • Suspicious activity


  • Full transactions
  • Summary of transactions
  • Income totals


  • Site content
  • Top searches
  • Top pages visited
  • Referrals

Website Content Management

Once you get your website set up and you're adding new members to your site, equally important is maintaining your website. This is especially true with a membership site that charges for access. If you don't have fresh content, you will lose subscribers.

Memberstar'sTM content system makes managing your site a breeze.

Adding new content is as easy as copying and pasting content from other sources or writing your own with our easy text editor. With just the click of your mouse, you can put your new content in whatever category you want, link it to other articles, decide if you want it to appear in the public and/or private sections of your website and much more. 

Features Include:

  • Where you want each article to appear: public section, private section or both
  • Automatically link articles to other related articles
  • Date you want article to appear on site
  • Date you want article to be removed from view
  • What sections you want the the new article to appear in
  • Ability to have "teaser" text to appear in public section, private section or both
  • Option of having "printer friendly" version of article to appear

Maximizing Your Income and Deluxe Version Features

MemberstarTM has more options and features that will help you maximize the income you receive from your site. Each feature is created to be easy to set up, use and edit. We've also done our best to reduce your workload by automating as many of  the features as possible that will maximize your income.

You can even do split testing on your home page to fine tune your message for
the highest possible conversion rate!

Affiliate Module* (deluxe feature)

MemberstarTM also includes a powerful affiliate program so you can compensate people who send you enrollments. The affiliate does 90% of the work for you so you have time to find and persuade people to become your affiliates. 

Features Include:

  • Complete control over which plans/products are part of affiliate program.
  • Complete control over what percentage to pay affiliates
  • Potential affiliates can enroll themselves or you can enroll them
  • You decide whether to pay only for initial enrollment, rebills or both
  • Pay the same or different percentages for initial enrollment or rebills
  • Create special private links and offers for special joint venture partners
  • Create special affiliate offers that expire at pre set dates
  • Tell affiliates how they will be paid, by check, transfer, PayPal, etc
  • Affiliates can see traffic and sales they've generated
  • Affiliates notified by email each time sale is made
  • Automatic reports make it easy to track affiliate activity and sales
  • Much, much more.


Shopping Cart Module* (deluxe feature)

MemberstarTM includes a basic shopping cart so you can easily sell both digital and "hard" products from your membership site.

Features Include:

  • Unlimited product categories
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Sell both digital (downloadable) and hard products
  • Integrates with merchant account
  • Set shipping/sales tax/handling charges
  • Much, much more

Autoresponder and Email Management Module* (deluxe feature)

MemberstarTM also comes with a complete email and autoresponder to build your customer email lists, prospects and ezines. 

  • Automatically keeps email lists of active, expired, cancelled members
  • Create custom email lists of current and past members and prospects
  • Send email blasts to any one list or combination of lists.
  • Create unlimited autoresponders for ezines, member updates, etc.
  • Change autoresponder email sequences, timing, etc.
  • Easily create subscriber sign up boxes on web pages.
  • Option of email notifications of subscriptions/unsubscriptions
  • Much, much more

Discussion Forum Module* (deluxe feature)

Create your own forums to build a sense of community on your membership site. You decide if the forums are public and/or private and can moderate all content. You are even notified whenever someone posts a new message.

  • Unlimited discussion forums**
  • Webmaster email notifications of new posts
  • Webmaster moderation of posts
  • Private and/or public forums

Split Testing Module* (deluxe feature)

This simple split testing feature lets you fine tune your home pages to get the highest maximum conversion rate. You can test different designs, headlines, pricing, layout, almost anything. Each unique visitor is routed to up to 3 different home pages on their first visit to your site. On each return visit they will be taken to the same page as their first visit. All traffic and sales are tracked so you can see which items you test produce the best result!

  • Track up to 3 home pages
  • Automatic home page rotation
  • Visitor sees same home page on each return visit
  • Tracks traffic and sales for each home page

* denotes deluxe version feature
** limited only by file space

Any way you look at it you'll see that MemberStarTM is the one stop automated solution to setting up and running your subscription/members website.

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  1. Building the website
  2. Enroll, manage and rebill your members
  3. Maintain your site content
  4. Maximizing your income

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